Where will we be presenting?

You will have the use of USC’s Collaboration Studio space to deliver your presentation to an audience of peers, USC staff and your teachers.



What are we presenting?

Nature of Presentation

Time: 10 minutes / group

The aim of this collaboration between USC and your school is to be innovative. It means not doing the same as you have always done. It means taking some risks and being creative with your solutions and how you present them.

Audiovisual presentation: Given the presentations will be in the “Collaboration Studio” it will be expected that there will be some audiovisual component to the presentation. Share the solution your group decided on, reasons why, and which ‘design considerations’ you took into account.

Innovative solution: There is the opportunity to create something innovative, exciting, engaging, entertaining BUT informative, scientific and reflecting the serious nature of the problems that confront people in developing countries.

In addition to your audiovisual presentation you could provide an innovative solution e.g.

  1. write and perform
  2. do a painting and explain it
  3. build a pump and pipes
  4. build a structure or machine or something that helps address the problem
  5. bake a cake or make food
  6. invent a technology
  7. anything else that your teacher agrees with

Reflection: The other important aspect of this project is to reflect on your learning journey. This could include examples from your collaborative group space: photos, audio, examples of concept maps, sketches, peer feedback, roles/responsibilities, comments etc. that you could speak to in terms of what worked, hurdles etc. How well did it go? What were the challenges and successes of the journey?

In summary, your presentation will have three components:

  1. An audiovisual part
  2. Innovative solution –any of the above or something else creative.
  3. Reflection – feedback about your “Global Innovators Challenge Learning Journey”.