Where will STEM take you?

Perhaps your Science studies have inspired you to pursue a pathway to a career in STEM. STEM offers an incredibly diverse range of career opportunities.

What counts as STEM

If you have STEM skills under your belt, the future may look very rosy indeed! But what will your pathway to a career in STEM look like?

For some people, it may take many twists and turns in a long pathway before they arrive at the career that finally feels right to them. Alternatively, you may know exactly where you’re heading, and have already set the wheels in motion towards your dream career. Importantly, there are two things that people often choose to ignore when they are deciding upon a career pathway:

What am I good at AND What do I love?

Your strengths are a unique set of assets that you were born with, but can be worked on and developed over time. People often talk about character strengths, which tend to be linked to how we think, feel and act in the world. Our skills and talents are also regarded as strengths, and are linked to the activities at which we excel.

Your most valuable strengths are the things that you can do well AND love AND you could do day after day to support yourself financially. However, sometimes it’s hard to figure out what our strengths are, and how we can use them to our best advantage.

Check out  this quick quiz to get an overview of your skills and interests. On completion of the quiz, you will discover your unique Holland Code, which was created back in 1959 to identify people’s career strengths. It is still used today to guide you towards a field or career that matches ALL parts of you: your personality, your interests and your skills.

Where to now?

Now that you have an overview of your skills and interests, you can start searching for ways to translate that information into a pathway. The myfuture website is a treasure trove of information on how to build and follow a pathway to a career that is right for YOU! And Careers in STEM is a fantastic mash-up of articles, videos, quizzes and career advice for anyone interested in taking the next step towards a…career in STEM.

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Get a mentor

Is there someone working in a STEM field that you admire? Is there someone you know doing exactly what you want to do in the future? Why not ask them to be your mentor? A mentor is someone who draws on their own personal experiences to help guide you in your skill and pathway development.

You could also engage with online mentoring programs such as The Day of Stem. You and your parents can register with this website to access some fantastic information about the future of STEM careers in Australia, and how you get yourself on the best pathway towards the field that is right for you.

Some inspiration

Not everyone takes the direct path. Check out this inspirational story about one of USC’s own academics,  Danny Meloncelli. He took the long way round from the kitchen to the lab, where he is now teaching and researching  Analytical Chemistry.

Beth Brunton loves animals. She loves research. She loves teaching. She’s passionate about conservation. Beth has found a way to combine her passion and skills to pursue a career in STEM. This montage is a vivid display of Beth’s journey this far towards a career in Zoology and Ecology.