Brainstorming tools


Generating Ideas

The purpose of brainstorming is to generate ideas quickly – it is a creative, problem-solving strategy.

How it works

  • Quantity is more important than quality: all ideas are accepted and not criticised.
  • Hitchhiking (building from each other’s ideas) is encouraged.
  • Write exactly what is said – no paraphrasing.

Good old pen and paper formats


Use Post-It Notes or pieces of paper to jot down each thought you have on a separate piece. Try and cover your whole desk…

Maybe start out individually then pair up with a buddy to discuss/compare ideas. Finally, share with another pair. Your group may then want to share ideas with the whole class.

Decision making tree

Solution 1 2 or 3 Choice Showing Strategy Options Decisions Or Solving

Decision trees are excellent tools that can help us make decisions about complex issues.

Sometimes it’s hard to all agree when working as a team. It might be best to look at all possible options to weigh up what the best solution might be.

How it works

Consider the following when making a decision:

  1. Review the purpose of the challenge
  2. Identify the alternatives/choices the group is considering
  3. Assess the possible outcomes and/or risks for each choice
  4. Predict the likely result
  5. Make the decision that will best match the purpose of the challenge


Concept mapping


Concept maps allow you to represent diagrammatically what you know about the links and relationships between concepts.

How it works

Brainstorm ideas as a team and ask others to assist jointly in grouping the words that are generated in the process.

  • Each concept can be used only once
  • Link relationships with arrows or lines and talk aloud to demonstrate your thinking
  • Label relationships between concepts

Digital platforms

Canva :


Canva enables you to design presentations, social media graphics and more. The website offers an extensive collection of high-quality design templates to suit a range of purposes. They offer tutorials to new users or alternatively go to

You can sign up for free. There are both free and pay for design options available to use. You can download completed designs as jpeg, png and pdf files.




padlet enables you to create a co-space to collaborate with invited contributors. padlet is like a digital notebook. It can be used as a real-time tool to receive feedback/comments/ contributions from others and share ideas/images/videos etc. Simply double click anywhere on the ‘padlet’ to add a new item.





Piktochart is similar to canva. It allows you to generate your own infographics, reports, posters and presentations using professionally designed templates.