Global Innovators…We Need You!

As a Global Innovator, we challenge you to bring your voices and ideas to considering  solutions for a global community, through connecting and collaborating with your peers.

As a Global Innovator, you will:

  • Collaborate with your peers to identify an issue that you want to change in an African community.
  • Use science, technology and design thinking to create an innovative real world solution to the issue.
  • Share the solution locally.

By taking action, you can become a Global Innovator, a citizen of the world.


Are you ready for the challenge?

Through discussion with your peers, you will identify an environmental issue that impacts this global community and that you want to positively influence. Together with your peers, you will brainstorm, construct, and share your solution to the environmental health problem you want to impact.

Throughout the challenge, your team will use the documents found in the ‘Challenge Learning Space’ (second tab above) to guide your progress:

  • The Design Process, or steps, will help you plan and implement your solution.
  • To streamline collaboration, review the Team Roles and make sure that everyone in your team has at least one role and responsibility for the solution.
  • The ‘Need to Know’ worksheet will help you to establish what knowledge your team already has about your chosen issue, what you need to further research and resources you’ll require to do this.
  • The Self-Assessment For Teams will guide you in making sure your project includes all of the elements of a successful and collaborative effort with your peers!
  • The Feedback Guide will assist you in giving and receiving feedback from teacher(s) and peers along the challenge journey.

Be daring and creative, and don’t be afraid to take risks. This is your opportunity to become a Global Innovator!