Research is integral to almost any field that falls under the umbrella of STEM.


The USC Immersive Day is designed to enrich your understanding of the material you are engaging with as part of your school Biology lessons.  However, what will invariably cement and embed many of the concepts you come across in your STEM studies is the follow-up research you conduct.

Signposts to guide you on your way

Multi-cellular organisms are extremely complex in nature and vulnerable to a vast range of internal and external factors. Even the subtlest of interactions can have far reaching impacts on the health and functionality of the system.

In the Year 11 Young Scholars Project, we investigate the:

  • symbiotic nature of the human cardio-pulmonary system
  • impact of ingestion of toxic substances on the human body, including the resulting pain and pathology
  • rapid detection of viruses in the human body
  • measurement of cardio-pulmonary processes
  • development of the 3D visualisation of body systems for teaching and learning purposes

If you are interested in doing further research on anything you have experienced today, we have put together some Resource Guides to assist you in kicking off your investigation. Click on the links below to download the documents.

Impact of exercise on systems of the human body

Impact of stress and anxiety on your physical well-being

How technology can be used to better understand the human body